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Our school provides a setting where children flourish and develop through daily experiences and long term projects. Book a tour today!

Enroll Your Child as a Student at Reggio Kids in Richmond Hill

At Reggio Kids we foster life-long learning. Our natural environments, relationships with our students and their families, our respect for children as participants in the learning process and their place as citizens of the world make us a unique child care setting. We support children's dispositions to seek answers, ask questions, explore, and negotiate. While working through daily experiences and long term projects, children are challenged to solve problems and construct new knowledge.

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We’ve created a school community where children are free to pursue their interests and challenge their thinking. Our goal is to support and nurture children’s dispositions.



Reggio Kids offers preschool education to children ages 8 months to Senior Kindergarten. Our work is based on the guiding principles of the Reggio Approach, a world renowned perspective on working with young children and their families. We are committed to raising the next generation of global citizens. We view children as capable, competent and full of potential!



Call us to book a tour of our Richmond Hill campuses and meet our team of Early Childhood Educators.

Our Daycare Facility

We provide healthy meals which support a balanced diet to meet the nutritional needs of growing kids. Our facilities are nut-free to safeguard children with allergies. Our childcare environment supports growth in all developmental areas; physically through outdoor experiences in our playgrounds and in the many forested areas around our schools, emotionally through positive interactions with teachers, and peers and academically through creative and inspired learning.

Book an Appointment with Our ECE Professionals

Looking to enroll? Give us a call today to book an appointment and meet our talented team of ECE professionals in Richmond Hill. You can visit our Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot pages to learn more about our services. What’s more, check out our selection of children’s books.


The Place to Be!

“An excellent child centred experience that is authentic and ongoing at Reggio. As school educators we have looked to their work for direction and purpose and we thank you!!”

- Diana C.

Social Media

You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more about our services. What’s more, check out our selection of children books as well.

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